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The robust gaming industry, over $250B in market size as of 2023, has had a great impact on the development and adoption of the Internet. Faster network bandwidth, secure infrastructures and more internet users were established as more games pivoted from being offline to online games. This evolved state of internet games, now referred to as web2 games, has broken beyond the boundaries of offline gaming to enable massive multiplayer game plays offline games could never have achieved. But it’s not without its limitations.

As advanced as the state of online games may be, it’s still plagued with critical problems including centralization, Pseudo-ownership of game assets, zero gamers’ revenue share, pseudo-randomness in gameplays etcetera, all of which can be its Achilles heel if not resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, a major advancement in the infrastructure of the internet, popularly called the blockchain, holds the power to resolve most of the problems currently existing and Gamereum aims to leverage this internet paradigm to build an infrastructure to usher in a new era of gaming without reinventing the wheel.

The fusion of traditional gaming (Web2) with the transformative power of blockchain technology (Web3) represents a frontier of untapped potential. Gamereum, at its core, is a pioneering Layer 1 (L1) blockchain platform with a gaming-specific infrastructure stack designed to seamlessly bridge this gap by integrating Web2 gaming experiences with the decentralized, secure, and transparent nature of Web3.

The aim is to create a medium for evolving how existing traditional games are played, monetized, and experienced whilst providing the tools to build scalable and sustainable Web3-Era games. Our initiative will enable a smooth transition for Web2 games into the Web3 realm, leveraging blockchain's inherent benefits such as decentralization, tokenization, and immutable record-keeping and verifiable randomness. This transition is not just a technological upgrade but a paradigm shift, offering gamers and developers alike a more equitable, rewarding, and engaging gaming ecosystem.

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