Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we’re often asked about Gamereum.

Q – What makes Gamereum different from other gaming blockchains?

  • Gamereum uniquely offers a high-throughput, gaming-specific L1 blockchain with modular sub-chains and zK-protocol for enhanced scalability, security, and privacy.

Q – How does Gamereum ensure fast transaction speeds?

  • Gamereum achieves near-instant finality and high transaction throughput by utilizing a modular blockchain structure and an efficient zkBFT PoS consensus mechanism.

Q – Can Web2 games be integrated into the Gamereum ecosystem?

  • Yes, Gamereum's Blockchain Integration Layer and Game Adaptation Kit enable seamless integration of Web2 games into the Web3 ecosystem.

Q – Are there any tools available for developers on Gamereum?

  • Gamereum provides a comprehensive set of development tools, including APIs, SDKs, and an AI-transitioning assistant for smooth onboarding and integration.

Q – How does Gamereum handle asset tokenization in games?

  • Gamereum enables the tokenization of in-game assets as NFTs or semi-fungible tokens leveraging broad compatible token protocols for verifiable ownership and seamless asset portability across games and platforms.

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