Build On Gamereum

Building on the Gamereum network is super simple considering the inclusive approach it takes with support for multiple well-known languages already widely used amongst web3 developers.

Here are a few quick steps to get you started right away.

  • Create a wallet using tools compatible with Metamask and Ledger

  • Get testnet tokens from the Gamereum testnet faucet

  • Connecting to the Gamereum Chain via our RPC endpoints or running a node of your own.

  • Deploying a smart contract with popular Ethereum tools, including Remix & Truffle

The specifications & procedure for building on Gamereum show its EVM-Compatibility with a few minor quirks & exceptions

Connecting To Gamereum

Network Details:

Network Name: Gamereum Testnet

Network URL:

Chain ID: 49071

Currency Symbol: GAME

Block Explorer URL:

Testnet Explorer & Faucet

The Testnet explorer reveals transaction on Gamereum testnet where testnet token transactions are recorded on the Gamereum ledger. Get tokens from the Gamereum Faucet for testing your dapp. These transactions do not appear on the mainnet.

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