Deploying on Gamereum

Gamereum Token Standard (GRC-20) →

Gamereum applies the GRC-20 token standards which have high compatibility with the Ethereum token standard - ERC20. This compatibility with Ethereum is strategic and aligns with Gamereum’s vision as it aims to be the chain that brings Web2 games into Web3 with widespread compatibility. GRC20 also builds in the capabilities of ERC-1155 which enables the efficient transfer of fungible and non-fungible tokens in a single transaction.

Development Tools →

Developers can utilize the tools used for building on Ethereum as well. It works on Gamereum.

Remix →

Eth Remix is a powerful, open-source tool that allows you to write Solidity contracts straight from the browser. It’s most suitable for beginners.

Link →

Other Platforms:

More hardcore development tools include;

Make sure it’s pointed at the Gamereum testnet using the network configuration provided above.

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