Smart Contract Deployment

Setting up Remix with Gamereum Testnet →

  • Open Remix and go to the "Deploy & Run Transactions" panel.

  • In the "Environment" dropdown, select "Injected Web3".

  • Connect your wallet (configured for Gamereum Testnet) to Remix.

Contract Deployment →

  • Use the Remix Editor to complete your Smart contract. You can also take advantage of the provided templates. .

  • Compile in the "Solidity Compiler" tab stationed to the left.

  • Deploy the contract to Gamereum Testnet using the "Deploy" button.

Verifying the Contract →

  • Post deployments, test your contract's methods via Remix with the buttons provided & confirm if the output is as expected.

  • Use the Gamereum Testnet Explorer to view your transaction and contract details if they correspond.


  • Contracts deployed are irrevocable and cost real money to deploy. Before deploying on the mainnet, thoroughly test your contracts on the Gamereum Testnet.

  • Play around with the GRC20 token standard: Familiarize yourself with GRC standards to get comfortable with its unique methods and build for compatibility.

  • Updates and Migration: Stay connected so you don’t miss any announcements about any network updates or changes that might require contract migration or adjustments.

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