The Gamereum ecosystem is powered by its native token, $GAME, which fuels transactions and incentivizes its growth. The modular zK protocol sub-chain approach unlocks a host of utilities for the Gamereum token.

The Gamereum ecosystem applies a dual token system. The native token is the primary currency implemented in reward and payment systems used for purchasing in-game items and paying for other on-chain services. $GAME is also the network participants’ stake to influence the governance of the ecosystem and protect the network as a validator.

However, each sub-chain can run on its own issued tokens with entirely independent tokenomics. Unlike Ethereum, fees on transactions with these sub-chain tokens do not have to be denominated in $GAME. However, fees collected in other tokens are used to buy $GAME tokens for the ecosystem token reserved or burned.

According to design, players can earn rewards in the form of tokens for achieving in-game objectives. Also, participating in events or contributing to the ecosystem earns you token rewards earmarked for the community.

Token Distribution

Total Supply → 100,000,000 $GAME

Token Address: 0x4D14e0c131cA155de4d69E009BC62b01A052EB87

  • Pre-sale + Liquidity → 51%

  • Development → 10%

  • Burnt → 10%

  • Community Rewards & Airdrop → 10%

  • CEX Listing → 10%

  • Team → 5%

  • Staking Rewards → 4%

Taxes: 5/5

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