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Gamereum is aimed at taking Web2 games to the next level of gaming experiences by leveraging the technologies provided by the new paradigm of the Web, Web3, bringing gaming a stride closer to being a provably valuable activity - making it a rewarding experience for gamers just as it is for game developers.

Web2 Gaming is the predominant market in the global online gaming market. As of 2022, its size surpassed $204B and was projected to reach over $400B in size, growing at a CAGR of 7.97%. Juxtaposing this with the current size of the web3 gaming market, a $23B size market, reveals the infancy and the immense opportunity for growth that exists for the Web3 gaming landscape.

The large room for growth for the Web3 gaming market is the opportunity for Gamereum. Web2 games adapting Web3 technologies is a market trend that is already conspicuous and still on the rise. These gaming giants are either building a new Web3 game from the ground up or are leveraging these technologies to create a new experience to engage their old and new players.

Ubisoft, the renowned game developer known for games such as Assasin Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia and other epic games, is knee-deep into dabbling with Web3 technologies for its games. At some point, it integrated NFTs into one of its popular games, Ghost Recon, which were called Quartz Digits. It was brought to an end after some backlash from the gaming community.

The developer of the famous game – Final Fantasy, Square Enix, also has some NFT-integrated games that are on the verge of going live.

Gaming giants building new games with Web3 technology is not the only trend to look out for. Another predominant trend to keep an eye on is the acquisitions made by Web2 giants in the Web3 space. In early January of 2022, Microsoft acquired the developers of Call of Duty, Activision Blizzard, for nearly $69B - the biggest gaming deal in history, in a potential bet on Web3.

From the perspective of investments, the blockchain gaming sector has seen significant financial investments, with nearly $1.5 billion dedicated to Web3 gaming in the first three quarters of 2023 alone. This level of investment demonstrates strong investor confidence in the potential of blockchain in gaming​

The combination of the gap between the web2 & Web3 gaming market size and these trends opens a window of opportunity for the technology Gamereum is building. If there’s already an exodus of games from Web-two to three, then an integration bridge is a strategic positioning to capture some of the market share for Gamereum.

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