Gamereum’s Vision & Objectives

Gamereum envisions a cross-platform gaming blockchain ecosystem where the thrill and engagement of Web2 gaming merge seamlessly with the innovative, decentralized, and player-centric features of Web3 technologies.

The vision is to create a scalable, lightning-fast, gaming-specific Layer-one public blockchain where Web2 gamers become stakeholders in their gaming worlds, empowered by the provability and immutability of blockchain technology, with a mission to onboard the next wave of Web2 gamers to experience gaming in a way that is more interactive, rewarding, and equitable enabled by Web3.

The objective of Gamereum is seamless Integration between Web2 games & Web3 technology stack. Hence, the mission of Gamereum entails bridging the gap between traditional Web2 games and the decentralized Web3 infrastructure with a minimum technological overhead & burden for Game developers and a smooth, user-friendly experience for players. This empowers gamers with real ownership of in-game assets and a voice in the gameplay governance. For game developers, it unlocks a myriad of revenue streams through multiple fair & transparent gaming models and an avenue for creating an inclusive gaming community.

Gamereum’s native token, $GMM, will power the Web2-Web3 transitioned games ecosystem and its tokenomics creates an opportunity to be vested in Web2 games that were once without reach but now branching into web3. The token model is designed such that its value will be determined by the growth of the Gamereum ecosystem.

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